The castor cake is obtained during the crushing of castor seeds, which contains 9% castor oil. This by-product of castor oil is called de-oiled cake. The oil cake is further transferred to solvent extraction plant for extraction of the oil from the cake. This de-oiled cake is a best natural fertilizer, which contains 5% of nitrogen, 2% of potash and 1% of calcium. The protein content of castor seed meal varies from 21-48% depending upon the extent of decortications. It has an ideal amino acid profile with moderately high Cystine, mithionine, and isoleucine.

The Castor Seed Meal is highly nutritious and is enriched with proteins, crude fiber, nitrogen, phosphorous, etc. Having high oil and moisture content, Castor Seed Meal is widely used as natural manure.


Protein 32% Approx
Ni0trogen 4-4.5% Min
Phosphorous 1% Min
Potassium 1% Min
Moisture 10-12 % Max
Oil Content 0.5% Max

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