Group Companies


Garg Trading Company is a subsidiary of RN Group of Companies that caters entirely to the domestic market. It is one of the leading suppliers and traders of Peas, Pulses, Rice and other food grains in Delhi. It was the first company to be incorporated under the group in the year 1915.

Shri Kashumbari Foods LLP. is a processing plant of Pigeon Peas and Basmati Rice. It also operates a packing plant for Pulses and Rice. It sells the Pulses & Rice under its brand “ Naturz Veda ”. The company also does packing for all pulses for “ Patanjali ” brand.

Divya Jyoti Distributions are the authorized Super Distributors of Patanjali Ayurved for Delhi. It is among the 1st  Super distributors to be associated with Patanjali Ayurved, company established in 2008. The warehousing space of 60,000 sq.ft is equipped with modern warehousing tools & techs.

It is operated with a fleet of delivery vehicles to ensure timely delivery to our 35 authorized distributors, who are further distributing to 8000 retailers under them , supplying around 600 official Patanjali products.