Grain Sorghum(Jowar) is one of the most important cereal crop grown in India and is also the fifth most important cereal crop grown in the world. India is the world’s largest producer of grain sorghum followed by–.(Jowar) is also drought tolerant and heat tolerant which is especially important in arid regions.


Grades of Sorghum :



Creamish Sorghum is one of the most important farm crops behind corn, soya beans and wheat. It is rich in nutrient and good for health.

It is mainly grown in warm locations and due to its wide adaptability it has become the important grain crop in African as well as Asian countries.

Creamish Sorghum is mainly used for food, fodder, and also in production of alcoholic beverages.

IndianRed Sorghum has a unique presence in the World market because of its dark red color. It has high nutritional content and is widely used in animal feed industries.

Sorghum is a type of numerous species of grasses, is known under a variety of names.

Sorghum is treated as an annual crop, although it is a recurrent grass and in the tropics it can be harvested number of times.


Moisture 12% Max
Foreign Matters 2% Max
Protien 9% Min
Weevilled Seed 2% Max
Insects, Immature & Discolored Seeds 5% Max
Broken Kernels 2% Max
Variety Purity 98% Min

The Sorghum supplied by seller should be in sound condition without any unpleasant odour, Substantially free from any signs of mold, Fermentation or deterioration.
As well as substantially free from live insect pests